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Where Champions Reside

ThorSport Farm South, located in Murfreesboro, Tenn., is an equestrian haven for horse owners, their families, trainers and riders to fulfill their passion, enjoyment and love for horses. Daily, from before sunup to well after dark, ThorSport Farm is filled with activity in the commitment to quality care – families and employees feeding, cleaning stalls, grooming horses, training and riding side by side.

ThorSport Farm South, recognized for its sense of community, exceptional facilities and world class care, is home to about 60 independently owned horses of various breeds including, the Tennessee Walking Horse, Quarter Horses, American Saddlebreds, Welsh, Shetland ponies and Thoroughbreds. With 78 stalls and an indoor arena that features revolutionary, environmentally friendly dustless footing for horse arenas, ThorSport Farm South prides itself on providing ample and clean spaces for horses and humans. The farm’s 2 outdoor arenas and covered round pen also feature the same revolutionary, environmentally friendly dustless footing for a cleaner riding experience. ThorSport Farm South also provides a groomed outdoor track for riding, as well as acres of open fields and trails. For your comfort and peace of mind, ThorSport Farm south provides horses a secure, under surveillance facility with entrance gates closed nightly. ThorSport Farm South also hosts horse shows, tours and educational events.

ThorSport Farm North, located in Sandusky, Ohio, features the same great characteristics of its Southern counterpart, but on a smaller scale and private sector. ThorSport Farm North, with 23 stalls, is home to Tennessee Walking Horses, including several foals and retired companions. The farm hosts tours and educational events at this facility as well.

Both ThorSport Farm facilities are equipped with top of the line comfort for both horse and rider. All horses are provided with automatic waterers, and “extra fluffy” stalls to be sure their time inside is most comfortable. On top of acres of pasture to be turned out to run, play and graze, wash areas provide both warm and cold water so that the horses time outside the stall is filled with the same comfort. From heated barns and arenas, to both heated and air conditioned lobbies (with views of arena), restrooms, tack rooms and feed rooms you can be sure to find comfort wherever you look.


Allison Thorson

Starting at 8 years old, during her youth career Allison earned more than 1,000 blue ribbons and more than 100 high point championships. She is a 38-time National Champion; 50-time International Champion; and is the holder of 69 World Titles, including 11 World Grand Championships. She has shown Tennessee Walking Horses in English, Western, Equitation, Showmanship, Model and Trail disciplines, with her parents supporting her along the way as
coaches and grooms.

Today Allison co-manages ThorSport Farm and trains and shows Tennessee Walking Horses while furthering her collegiate studies. Development of the residential equestrian community, The Farm, continues to progress.

Our Staff

ThorSport Farm is a team that is combined of years of expertise to provide the upmost care and service. From landscaping to management, cleaning stalls to equine training, ThorSport Farm has you covered.